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‘Helping Musicians Through This Difficult Time’


Highlighting “the individual acts of kindness” from eBay’s “global seller community” amid the ongoing unprecedented crisis.

Dailycsr.com – 30 May 2020 – Austin is known for its lively music culture, while at present amid the global pandemic large gatherings can’t take place. As a result, concerts are either being postponed or cancelled altogether. It is a time that brings “financial woe for performers”. In order to change the scenario, the Rosina Records owner, Rhea Kimbell is making a donation of “10 percent of her sales to nonprofits” which are reaching out to help musician during the crisis.
Rheas donations have helped “Health Alliance for Austin Musicians”, among others for providing “access to affordable health care for low-income” besides reaching out to “uninsured working musicians, focusing on prevention and wellness” while MusiCares supporting the “health and welfare of the music community” were among the ones to benefit.
Furthermore, eBay Inc. informed:
“Rhea has long been involved in the music community; indeed, her story pays homage both to the rich musical history of Texas and to her late father’s record label”.
Rhea grew up in San Marcos, Texas, with six siblings. During the growing up years she was exposed to all kinds of music as she could decide from a young age that “music would play a central role in her life”. Rhea’s father was a “record producer and radio DJ” who founded Rosina Records, record label in 1962 which was active till the “early 1980s”. in Rhea’s words:
“I had no idea of the scope of his label until I started promoting his recordings on eBay”.
For the last decade she has been reviving her “father’s record label and legacy” using eBay as selling platform. Rhea recounted:
“To find that this small local label my dad founded had touched the lives of people internationally was, and still is, mind boggling. I would never have known had it not been for the many collectors and artists among the eBay community.”
Moreover, Rheas also volunteers as part of her philanthropic contribution and she added:
“I volunteer my free time with HAAM. I appreciate the dedication, the mutual fellowship and the various services provided by HAAM to Austin musicians.”
For Rhea, amid the uncertainty hover over musician’s lives, music will remain one of the key to happiness for people and added:
“I love music. Music heals. Music gives back”.