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Heineken First Takes The Step Towards Initiating Sustainable ‘Curbside Recycling’ Practices


Heineken proves to be the first brewer to join in the venture of sustainable recycling programmes with The Recycling Partnership.

Dailycsr.com – 07 December 2015 – The National Non-Profit, The Recycling Partnership, welcomes the first ever alcohol manufacturer as its members. The said body is dedicated to raise the “curbside residential recycling”, which has been stated in a “recent announcement”.
The brewery has proven to be the lead sponsoror, while it will be providing “industry expertise” in order to facilitate the improvement in “consumer education”. Moreover, it will also bring in an increased quality in “curbside recycling” along with better drive “recovery of recyclable glass” from various communities across the country.
The aim of the Recycling Partnership is to “improve recycling” culture and facilities through the nation, whereby the executive director of “The Recycling Partnership”, Keefe Harrison states:
“Our programs create lasting and measurable value. Currently, our work is reaching 71 communities which represents over 1.2 million households. Our model is scalable and with each new member, our reach expands.”
The improvement of “curbside recycling” also brings down the environmental impacts whereby leading towards “healthier and more sustainable communities”, says Heineken. Moreover, Mike Hower writes:
“Increased recycling in the Recycling Partnership’s first six grantee communities translates to a ten year savings of 485,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). That equates to the annual energy use of more than 44 thousand homes”.
Heineken has maintained “a long track record” in sustainability promotion on a worldwide scale. Moreover, the company has also launched a programme called “Brewing a Better World” which looks into the issues like “emissions reduction, community partnerships and sustainable sourcing”.
According to Heineken, the company’s products are “consumed responsibly throughout their entire lifecycle”, at the end of which they see “consistent and efficient recycling” especially of cans and bottles. However, one of the critical aspects of this endeavour is to educate consumers by working closely with surrounding communities in order to “support recycling”.
The Recycling Partnership also deals with water conservation programmes being conducted in the “developing world”. In an announcement, Heineken also reveals his plans of teaming up with the “United Nations Industrial Development Organization” for taking part in “sustainability initiative” for supporting “environmental and social growth movements” in the third world countries.
Furthermore, Mike Hower informs:
“The core focus of the partnership will be water stewardship and conservation, especially in those areas classified as being ‘water-scarce’ — communities vulnerable to the range of issues that come alongside drought. The initiative will primarily concentrate on Heineken breweries in Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Tunisia, which currently fall into this category”.