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Heathered Hues’ Sustainable Nature Is A ‘Game Changer’ For The ‘Flooring Industry’


Mohawk Group’s Heathered Hues yarn “revolutionized” its product line overnight.

Dailycsr.com – 09 August 2018 – Giving the deep rooted foundations ever since the inauguration year of 1928, spinning a yarn is not a surprise for the Mohawk Industries. It’s almost a century now, that the industry is still continuing to develop new and innovative products. Likewise, this year, the company proudly announced “Heathered Hues”, a “new sustainable high-performance color yarn system”.
Heathered Hues was developed to provide a “more natural and variegated” effects on the soft surface of the floor that resembles to wool. It has, however, been a “game changer” to the flooring industry, for this year it turned out to be a “big hit” in the NeoCon as it bagged the “Best of NeoCon Gold Award in the Carpet Fiber category”. In fact, the displayed range of Heathered Hues in Chicago showroom received wide appreciations. It highlights skeins in every “beautiful new colorways” which is complemented with “yarn art” which gave out the message of “Believe in Color”. Overall, these features also made it a favoured selfie spot to pose before colourful background.
The yarn comes with tri-colour which is quick to blend amid patterns as it lends a “softer edge” with a “visual texture and dimension”. In the words of the Senior Design and Development Director of Mohawk Group, Mark Page:
“Our entire product line was revolutionized overnight”.
The warm shades of the new yarn adds sophistication to the product surface whereby making it suitable for interiors and biophilic designs. When the vice president of Design and Product Development at Mohawk Group, Jackie Dettmar was asked about the method used by the designers to select a colour palette suitable for various purposes desired in contract design, Dettmar explained:
“The color choice for this yarn were very thoroughly researched around the world. And we were really trying to round out the color palette to satisfy a lot of different needs in the interiors market.”
The Heathered Hues’ colour palette is vivid which was created by dedicated team. As a result, the range covers from “the most up-to-date neutrals” to both the “warm and cool neutrals” which is accompanied by several “vibrant” colour accents. However, with this wide range of the product, the quality was not compromised as it can be availed in both “Duracolor and ColorStrand technologies” and proves to be a dyed solution which has passed tests for high performance.
Moreover, Heathered Hues also follows the group’s “Believe in Better commitment” as it is a “highly sustainable” product which has been designed to give “more with less” which also has “low environmental impact”. In fact, the production of Heathered Hues does not require water. Finer yarns have been incorporated to yield “high performance at lower weights”, while the “direct tuft technology” brings to the minimum the “energy and carbon dioxide impacts” besides the fibres are also made easy for recycling.
Informing about Heathered Hues, Mohawk Industries added:
“It’s that sustainable aspect that makes the new yarn perfect our new line of Living Products, which have achieved Petal Certification. Beginning last year with Lichen and in our latest collections Nutopia, Nutopia Matrix and Sunweave, Heathered Hues contributes to the requirements for Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, a designation that ensures the products contribute more to the environment than they take”.