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Hallmark Receives The ‘Highest Score’ For Its Sustainable Forest Trades


The “2019 Timber Scorecard” recognition to Hallmark testifies that sustainable forest trading is very much possible.

Dailycsr.com – 12 August 2019 – Hallmark shared the news of receiving “3 Trees in the WWF-UK’s 2019 Timber Scorecard”. The said recognition marks the “highest score” that is achievable by an organisation, while highlighting its commitments towards attaining sustainable and responsible methods of brining down environmental impacts.
Hallmark earned the above mentioned accolade due to its work on responsible “timber and paper products” sourcing. Moreover, its policies reflect transparency which extends to its supply chain whereby demonstrating the company’s “priority of using FSC and recycled materials”.
The “2019 Timber Scorecard” of WWF-UK reviewed around hundred and twenty two companies and examined on their performance against their commitments of sourcing “timber and paper products” in a sustainable manner. Further, it also took into account how these companies priorities the use of “FSC and recycled materials in line with the requirements of The European Union Timber Regulation”.
The award acknowledges Hallmark’s attempt in “setting up policies and control systems” besides “reporting openly and accurately” about the company’s work in line with its “policy commitments” and gathering knowledge on “source of all their timber and timber products”. Company sources nearly seventy percent of materials from “certified and/or recycled sources” whereby demonstrating that acting in a responsible manner while dealing in forest trade is very much possible.
According to WWF, transparency in the supply chain forms an “integral feature” for a company to become responsible. As a result the above mentioned award was given to the companies that not only procure “a high proportion of products from sustainable sources” but also share “information regarding their sourcing practices” with the public.
In the words of the Managing Director of Hallmark UK, Amanda Del Prete:
“Social responsibility is high on our agenda, with all our paper and board coming from sustainable sources. We are proud to hold FSC certification and we choose FSC certified materials wherever possible, but as a minimum we will always ensure that all our materials come from responsible sources and are fully compliant to EU timber regulations. Being recognised for this by the WWF affirms we are doing the right things with our sustainability practices.”
Hallmark has recently launched the “CupCycled™ cards collection” which are sourced from “a combination of disposable coffee cups and responsibly sourced FSC certified paper”.