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HSE’s Weakened Inspections Fails To Implement ‘Occupational Health Service’


Due to lack of occupational healthcare, thirteen thousand workers die annually.

Daliycsr.com – 31st December 2015 – The medical inspectorate at HSE are declining in number, whereby the lack of people is affecting in HSE’s performance. The organisation is “failing” to implement rules that ensure the protection of “workers’ health”. The same has been reported by one of former HSE senior inspectors.
Dr Anne Raynal writes in the “BMJ doctor’s journal” about the issue of workers’ health protection and she mentions that even less than fifteen percent of them make it to “an occupational health service”, while “13,000 people” are dying every year for their “occupational exposures”. The main problem is caused mostly by “asbestos, dust and chemicals”.
According to Dr. Raynal the employers “have a duty” to arrange for “an occupational health service” for the workers by the time “Health and Safety at Work Act” is strongly enforced.
However, HSE informs that:
“Britain is the only major European country that does not have a legal requirement for workers to be provided with occupational health services, either by the state or employers”.