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HSE’s Consultation Supports Business Innovation


Probing into the matter of business innovation and technology, HSE conducts consultation documentation.

Dailycsr.com – 01 February 2016 – HSE has conducted a consultation session that lasted for three weeks and ended on the 31st of January 2016. The said session investigated into the procedure and possibilities of “legislation and enforcement” possibly adapting to “new technology”. Moreover, it also looked into that innovation and growth do not get curbed under the “regulatory framework”.
The consultation session also explored the angle of whether the “latest technology” is being used in the best way possible for the “regulatory activities” of the HSE. Additionally, the consultation will also play a role in shaping the “innovation plan” of HSE. The said plan will be published in the month of March 2016, incorporating the detail of the supports provided towards “innovation and so-called ‘disruptive business models’”.
The said model refers to the companies that though start off small but eventually ends up taking over “larger competitors” for which they appeal to the “bottom of a market” besides continuing to refine their products till they start dominating the respective market.
According to the announcement made by the Treasury in the month of July 2015, all the market and business regulatory bodies were to chalk out “innovative plans”. Likewise, quickly following on the heels of HSE’s “new strategy for the health and safety system in Britain”, the launch of HSE’s consultation session took place. Among the announcement of “six core themes”, two deal with “anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges”. In turn, the operations of HSE get simplified and help businesses to grow by taking preventive measures through risk management.
Giving a broad outline of the activities of HSE, the consultation document sketches a vivid picture whereby encouraging growth. Moreover, it also informs that:
“...the regulator is using its influence to ensure that new or revised European legislation does not place disproportionate burdens on business. It also outlines how the HSE can provide exemption from aspects of health and safety law to encourage innovation providing that ‘health and safety will not be compromised’.”
Furthermore, a “certificate of exemption” was issued by HSE whereby allowing “distribution company SGN to convey gas to Oban in Scotland” for twelve months with a “Wobbe Index”. The said index which measures the “degree to which gases can be interchanged” and has been “permitted by the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996”.