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HSE To Give Consultation On Its New Strategy


In order to make U.K a better place, HSE strives to improve work culture.

Dailycsr.com – 31st December 2015 – The HSE will be providing consultation regarding its “new five-year strategy”. Likewise, HSE states that when the performance of health and safety regulations is “improved” and the country is better equipped to manage risk, the economy of Britain is likely to get new growth boost.
The five year strategy is termed: “Helping Great Britain Work Well”; the same bases itself on “ix themes”. Consequently, the regulator pushing “everyone involved in health and safety” department to come up with their own target margins that they can achieve keeping “these parameters” in mind.
HSE will be holding meeting to chalk out the objective of the said strategy in the coming year.
Two of the themes are:
  • “Promoting broader ownership of workplace health and safety.
  • “Highlighting and tackling the burden of work-related ... (issues).”