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‘HPE Contribute To The IoT Industry’


The Immense Potential Of IoT is brought forward by Dr. Bradicich in collaboration with HPE.

Dailycsr.com – 14 June 2016 – Dr. Tom Bradicich informs us that the Internet of Things has come to receive a “celebrity status”. The increased demand for IoT “across many industries” justifies the fast roll out of “IoT partnerships, products, strategies, visions, and pontifications”.
IoT has the potential to enable us to become “better stewards of the planet, and its people”, therefore, the said trend in general turns out to be positive, remarks Bradicich. The reason behind the said improvement of life can be achieved due to the virtual and constant connectivity of everything, which will open up opportunities, while people will be able to “optimize resources in a technology-driven world”.
There are many ways to make the best use of “digital transformation” in an efficient manner like “accessible home air conditioning thermostats” which will allow one to control the temperature with a remote resulting in “lower energy usage”. Among other methods, the concept of smart-homes, which connects “appliances, doors, and windows” to your smart-phone enabling one to lock doors, control stove or oven operation from a distance.
On the other hand, same technology in a corporate scenario can help to save “hundreds of millions of dollars” by linking “pumps, valves, turbines, and robotic arms, to health status monitors”, whereby “ensuring” no wastage of energy.
Furthermore, Dr. Bradicich informs that with IoT things of immense potentiality can be achieved, whereby he adds:
“It gives me great personal satisfaction to help HPE contribute to the IoT industry, and manifest these sustainability efficiencies for our customers. This week at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, we created a new product category called ‘Converged IoT Systems’ and launched two new products, the Edgeline EL1000 and EL4000 (3). These Edgeline Systems are designed to provide powerful yet highly efficient analysis and control of the many things in the IoT—for example tools, manufacturing machines, and energy grids. With better control of these industrial assets, we can lower energy and material resources required for businesses and research facilities to execute their missions”.