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HP’s Sustainable Profile Through Moorhead’s Eyes


Probably HP’s founders “coined ‘corporate citizenship’, as it was baked into the company’s original mission”, says Moorhead.

Source: en.wikipedia.org; (CC BY 2.5)
Source: en.wikipedia.org; (CC BY 2.5)
Dailycsr.com – 23 July 2019 – Patrick Moorhead, currently ranked as number one analyst in the “ARInsights Power 100 rankings”, while Apollo Research terms him to be the “#1 most cited analyst”, writes:
“As a technology analyst, I spend a lot of time jet setting from conference to conference, covering the latest greatest advances in technology and IT solutions. Another part of what I cover, though, is the kinder, gentler material that’s under the hood—company culture, CSR, and the like. Environmental sustainability is a huge issue that in my experience doesn’t get talked about enough in big tech.
“I believe HP is a company that is showing how adopting more environmentally responsible, sustainable ways of doing business can pay actual dividends—what’s good for the environment is good for business and society. I recently had the opportunity to take a look at HP Inc.’s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report. I wanted to share what I learned about the company’s history in sustainability, the progress it has made, and the new commitments it is making”.
Moorhead thinks that given the public pressure, the big tech firms usually “pay lip service to sustainability and CSR”. However, he finds that HP Inc.’s social responsibility can be traced back to 1940 when it had made its “first charitable donation” of “$5” and was only a year old. Likewise, 1942, all HP employees were given health insurance and since then it has preserved its “environmental stewardship” and “corporate citizenship” mentioned in its “first set of corporate objectives, written by founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1957”.
After a long list of HP’s various sustainable initiatives towards the environment and the society alike over the past decades, Moorhead noticed that “several” current initiatives of HP in these lines “set it apart from the pack”. Given further details about his observation, Moorhead writes:
“One of the interesting things about HP’s efforts is that it actively measures the business impact of its sustainable practices. According to the 2018 Sustainable Impact Report, the company brought in over 900 million dollars of new revenue in the year 2018 in which ‘sustainable impact’ was a key differentiator. Additionally, 2018 saw a 35% increase year-over-year in ‘deal wins where Sustainable Impact was a key differentiator.’ In addition to pleasing HP’s shareholders, the ability to show the monetary impact of adopting more sustainable practices should make these sorts of programs more attractive to other companies who might be watching”.
HP’s Sustainability Report of 2018 covers various accomplishments of the company made during last year while it also enumerates new future commitments. Among other things, Moorhead was “impressed to learn that HP had already achieved 100% renewable electricity in its U.S. operations”. On a concluding note, Moorhead mentioned:
“HP’s sustainability efforts are clearly firing on all cylinders right now, and I believe longer than any other company in IT. From the 2018 Sustainability Report, it’s clear that HP has not strayed from those ideals. At a time when trust in big tech is at an all-time low, I believe, HP Inc. and its well-established sustainability program shines like a beacon for others to follow”.