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HP Is Redefining Sustainable Printing


HP pledges towards carbon neutral and forest positive printing.

HP Is Redefining Sustainable Printing
Dailycsr.com – 26 June 2019 – HP Inc. pledges to make printing “forest positive”, whereby creating carbon neutral printers and their energy. In this effort, all the materials related to printers will first cater to safety and push towards a “circular economy”.
HP has entered into a partnership with “ELLE Magazine” as the duo attempts to come out with the “first sustainably printed fashion magazine” in the world. The cover paper printed was sourced from “100% post-consumer waste paper stock”, while 30% of the same went into making of the rest of the inner pages, while both received FSC certification.
In a short-run edition, around four hundred exclusive issues were created for the “attendees of the Conservation International Gala in June 2019”.
Here is a list of HP’s actions for 2018 till the “first half of 2019” towards sustainable printing, as mentioned by HP:
  • Announced bold vision for print sustainability – pledging to make printing with HP forest positive, carbon neutral, and part of a circular economy
  • Forest positive printing – achieved zero deforestation associated with HP brand paper
  • Carbon neutral printing – reduced energy consumption and emissions with more energy efficient products
  • Transition to a circular economy – used less materials in products and incorporated more recycled content
  • Health and safety – delivered innovations that provide health and safety benefits
For further information on HP Inc’s plans on sustainable print, kindly visit the link given below: