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HARMAN and Qlik Announce Expanded Partnership to Deliver Joint Solutions for Digital Transformation Solutions Customers


During the recent QlikWorld 2023 event, Qlik® and HARMAN®, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies, announced their strengthened strategic alliance to offer joint solutions for HARMAN’s Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) customers.

This collaboration integrates the established Qlik-based solutions that HARMAN has successfully used in its own operations to provide integrated Data and Analytics Solutions that streamline and simplify enterprise operations for customers. HARMAN's Digital Transformation Solutions Chief Product Officer, Dr. Jai Ganesh, and Senior Director of Digital Analytics, Annette Jonker, joined Qlik CEO Mike Capone on the mainstage to discuss their trusted partnership, enabling HARMAN's ecosystem of customers and partners to leverage the power of data insights.

By integrating Qlik's data integration and analytics capabilities, HARMAN's teams can develop a single source of data truth that helps them manage fluctuating demand, make informed decisions, align priorities, connect cross-functional teams, and deploy agile development to manage market conditions effectively.

 “We’ve been on a significant digital transformation journey the past few years, and effectively deployed Qlik to drive our internal data-driven decisioning. With Qlik, we have the data we need to get answers in minutes, allowing us to quickly pivot while still effectively managing different aspects of our business,” said Nick Parrotta, President - Digital Transformation Solutions & Chief Digital and Information officer (CDIO) at HARMAN.

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Qlik to provide an enhanced experience backed by data and analytics to our enterprise customers, that can potentially improve their performance and drive business results.”

HARMAN has established a robust foundation for data and analytics across their enterprise, with Qlik serving as a central element of this strategy. One noteworthy example is the Helix Analytics Experience Platform, which is powered by Qlik and empowers cross-functional teams to quickly and efficiently collaborate.

This self-serve analytics platform has enabled HARMAN to respond rapidly to changing conditions while minimizing manufacturing disruption. Additionally, Qlik Data Integration has been instrumental in activating key enterprise data from sources like SAP to enhance decision-making capabilities.

By seamlessly feeding data from any source into its Snowflake data cloud, HARMAN can blend internal and external data for a more comprehensive view of capacity and resources, allowing for more accurate forecasting and better management of fluctuating customer demand. Building on this success,

HARMAN plans to leverage Qlik's capabilities to provide similar benefits to its Digital Transformation Solutions customers. This strategic business unit brings advanced expertise in AI/ML, cloud computing, and advanced analytics to numerous clients, enabling HARMAN to modernize its platform by integrating AI-powered recommendations, big data scalability, embedded visualizations, analytics, and governed self-service for a wider range of enterprise customers.

“HARMAN is an amazing example of the type of relationship we’re building with more and more customers, working together to bring the power of data and analytics to a larger ecosystem of their partners and customers,” said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO.

“We’re excited about our journey with HARMAN in helping them activate their data across their teams as well as in their solutions to drive performance and revenue.”