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Grundfos Pumps fined £300,000 for want of safety at its factory


As per HSE Inspectors, during an electrical testing at Grundfos Pumps factory, a trainee design engineer was left without proper supervision that led to his untimely death.
Grundfos Pumps was fined £300,000 with £115,000 as additional cost.

Grundfos Pumps, inadvertently used an unsafe procedure for testing electrical equipments that took an inexperienced trainee’s life. The trainee was a rookie designer engineer who was left at the testing site without adequate supervision, as per initial reports from HSE inspectors who are investing this incident.
As per Paul Williams, Grundfos Pumps had not adequately assessed the risk for electrical safety at the site doing doing the testing. Because of the lack of implementation of necessary safety measures, the 19 year old design engineer died.
“What they had was a procedure based on a document somebody had brought from his previous employer — known as the control panel test procedure — which they had put up on the wall and workers were supposed to follow. But according to our specialists this was totally unsuitable,” said Paul Williams.
Because of the lack of safety during electrical testing, Grundfos Pumps was fined £300,000 with additional costs of £115,000.