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Growing Number Of Tourists Show An Inclination Towards Responsible Tourism


The travellers are exhibiting a growing trend of choosing a travel company that has “better” environmental and social performance record.

Dailycsr.com – 09 November 2015 – The ABTA or “Association of British Travel Agents” conducts a research whereby it finds out that the travel companies those have “a good environmental record” are standing at a commercial advantageous point whereby gaining increment every day.
According to the survey of ABTA there has been a “steady” increment in the ratio of people making their holiday planning with a company that holds “better environmental and social record(s)” over rest, even though that means they have to shell out a little extra. In the year of 2001, only nineteen percent of tourists were exhibiting this choice, while the following year of 2012 saw a dip in the same ratio which landed to fourteen percent. However, at present, the increment has taken the ratio up to twenty five percent.
More and more people are realising that travel companies should be “environmentally responsible”, therefore the sentiments of the consumers are pushing the travel agencies towards taking up the responsibility. This trend has been observed in forty percent of consumers that is to almost four in every ten people, while in the year of 2011 only thirteen percent of consumers thought in this manner.
However, almost as many as sixty two percent of travellers believe that the travel companies need to see to it that “their holidays help the environment” while only five percent of them think otherwise. Fitting the data to a demographic model, one notices that thirty seven percent of consumers aging from twenty five to thirty four are the one to select the travel companies on the basis of their “environmental record”. Likewise, the thirty four percent of them will be “prepared” to spend extra for a holiday if a travel company sports “a better environmental and social record”.
The head of “Destinations and Sustainability” at ABTA, Nikki White stated:
“This new ABTA research shows that there is a growing appetite for holidays that are provided responsibly. The fact that younger consumers, aged 25-34, are the most likely to value companies with a good environmental record suggests that we will see demand for environmental credentials further increase in the future.
"The public are also very clear in their views that they see it as the industry’s job to take responsibility for this and that there should also be certification systems in place such as ABTA’s Travelife scheme to ensure that they can quickly and easily identify companies that are taking greater steps in sustainability.”