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Goozner’s Prescription To Cure The ‘Sick Healthcare System’ Of The U.S.


The present ailment stems from an unregulated model of “fee-for-service”.

Dailycsr.com – 25 April 2017 – One could find some food for thoughts to ponder over the “current US healthcare system” which could be considered “seriously sick”. However, on one seem to “agree on the remedy”, whereby in a commentary the Editorial Director of “Modern Healthcare”, Merrill Goozner, provides a diagnostic layout along with “the prescription for a cure in direct terms”.
According to Goozner, the ailment within the sector lies in its present profit oriented model that seeks to maximize every opportunity as its goal, whereby basing itself on the “traditional fee-for-service model”. Taking this practice into account, Goozner noted:
“The U.S. is not unique in using fee-for-service to reimburse providers. But other countries tightly regulate prices and utilization, either through a single-payer insurance system or with powerful regulators utilizing tools like use limits, price controls, bundled payments and global budgets.”
With help of “these tools”, several initiatives have been put into motion that revolve around the “single payer issue” under the “Affordable Care Act”, while Goozner argues that in case of any “proposed replacement” for the ACA, the above mentioned ideas must need to be its part.