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Going Beyond The Basics In Supporting ‘Strong And Vibrant Communities’


The “Corporate Accountability Report” of 2017 highlights AEP’s sustainability performance.

Dailycsr.com – 18 July 2017 – The American Electric Power has come out with its “2017 Corporate Accountability Report”, whereby marking the eleventh “annual assessment” that documents the stewardship of AEP as a “public company and a community partner”. The report is made available online:
The above mentioned report looks into the company’s “business strategy”, “corporate culture”, its governance as well as performance in finance and responsibilities fulfilled towards the society during the year of 2016. There has been a “positive” impact on the environment, society as well as the economy of the communities wherein AEP serves. Furthermore, the company has also delivered “positive financial returns to shareholders”. The report features an introduction from the President, Chairman and the C.E.O of the company, Nicholas K. Akins, stating:
“Our basic responsibility is keeping the lights on. But we strive to go beyond the basics to support strong and vibrant communities, advocate for education and opportunity, help the less fortunate, care for our employees, exceed our customers’ expectations and protect the environment.”
Moreover, the report discusses in details the progress made by the company on its “strategic plans” of becoming the “nation’s premier regulated energy company”, while it also enumerates the company’s efforts in providing “new energy solutions and technologies” the customers demand that would require to bring in a transformation towards “cleaner, safer, more reliable and affordable power to communities”. Here is a list of highlights from the report, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • AEP has achieved a 44 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions since 2000.
  • AEP is making its generation resource mix more diverse with $1.5 billion in investments planned in renewables from 2017 through 2019. The company also is investing $13 billion in our transmission and distribution systems to make the grid smarter, more efficient, more resilient and more responsive to new resources and technologies.
  • AEP is piloting new customer engagement technology that enables round-the-clock monitoring and management of energy usage, including automated dimming of lights and thermostat adjustments during peak hours for participating customers.
  • An AEP Transmission project in Texas won the Edison Award from the Edison Electric Institute, the industry group’s highest honor. The project was the longest live-line re-conductoring project in North America – a pair of 120-mile, 345-kilovolt transmission lines that stretch from Corpus Christi to the Lower Rio Grande Valley.