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Glatfelter Issues The Loner To Its Workers For Quick Response To Lone Worker Alert


A lone worker’s alert helps to summon quick assistance.

Dailycsr.com – 27 August 2016 – The working sites at Glatfelter saw incidents that could have been left unassisted for “significant” amount of time before any help could arrive at the spot to provided assistance.
Therefore, the Castle Group has urged on implementing “Blackline’s lone working system”, called “Loner”. As per HSE, the Loner is “a rugged, mobile phone sized device which clips to a person’s belt”.
In order to provide quick assistance, Glatfelter has given the Loner device to its workers. Likewise, the workers can be provided quick help in case of any mishap like “falls, no motion activity, emergency alarms and silent alarms”.
A mock test of conducted to find out the time gap between the alert and the response in return, whereby the recorded test scenario, one “first responder arrived” at the required spot within only ninety seconds for providing “emergency assistance”.