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Generation Change launches digital campaign focusing on Women History Month


Generation Change (GenChange) is a Paramount initiative inspired by and led by the audience that aims to elevate and empower young people who are driving change around the world. Generation Change develops tailored programming in collaboration with our brands and markets, led by young change agents who are passionate about bettering their communities.

In direct response to some of the overtly transgressive and oppressive acts endured by women in recent times, GenChange is creating a new digital campaign for Women's History Month that focuses on how society polices women's bodies. The campaign, titled "Hands Off [my body, my rights, my future, my choice]," includes a video series, public service announcements, and a short documentary profiling gender equality change-makers in the United Kingdom.

Hands Off! is demonstrated in the featured video. The video series aims to give women a platform to share personal stories about how they have dealt with societal pressures. Heather Fisher, a former England rugby player, bravely shares how society 'question' her womanhood due to her physique and alopecia, emphasizing the importance of being kinder and considerate to one another.

As part of GenChange's commitment to providing resources and platforms, the campaign encouraged audience conversation using the IWD #EmbraceEquity hashtag and directed people to helplines for more information. In addition, in collaboration with our changemakers, this campaign will promote local (to the United Kingdom) organizations for those looking for resources for themselves or others.

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