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General Motors Stands Out Among The Auto Makers For Onsite Green Power Generation


The manager of Green Power Partnership calls GM a leader in the environment stewardship.

Dailycsr.com – 28 September 2016 – In the Michigan based “Orion Assembly plant” of GM, the company doesn’t only produce efficient vehicles, as it also produces green energy from renewable landfill gas. The said achievement received the recognition of the “Green Power Partnership” from U.S. EPA which “tracks such activity”.
Among the “Green Power Partnership Partners”, the above mentioned facility of GM takes the “eighth largest user of green power” in the U.S. which is being generated onsite, whereby proving GM’s commitment towards the use of “clean power to build a cleaner car”.
Keeping in line with the said commitment, GM has been using landfill generated gas to “power part of its operations” from the year of 2002. In the month of December 2013, GM took a decision of investing “$24 million” in the equipments for generating electricity onsite, whereby becoming the “only automaker to do so”. As a result the company saves around a million dollar on an annual basis. In the words of Green Power Partnership’s Manager, James Critchfield:
“EPA applauds Orion Assembly for its innovation in generating green power from an onsite landfill gas energy system and for taking a leadership position on the environment”.
Moreover, General Motors also informed:
“Additionally, GM’s Orion Assembly met EPA’s ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry in 2013 by reducing the energy intensity of its operations by 67 percent within two years. It also is home to a 350-kilowatt solar array”.