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General Mills Provides Vital Support To FareShares


General Mills partners with Fareshare to “make a real difference” in issues that affect the people as well as the planet at large.

Dailycsr.com – 10 June 2019 – FareShare believes that whatever they do it is due to the “generosity” of their supporters and one such partner is none other than the General Mills Foundation. The latter has provided vital support in helping the former to significantly increase the amount of food they distribute.
FareShare redistributes food to charities as well as community groups in all over the United Kingdom. In the words of General Mills’ Northern Europe’s Director of External Relation, Jonathan Bennett:
“By supporting FareShare through our philanthropy, product donations and employee volunteerism, we are doing what we can to make a real difference in this issue that affects people and planet. Our actions are aimed at ensuring the world’s good surplus food is used to nourish hungry people rather than going to landfills.”
Volunteers from General Mills have also stood by with FareShare as the former makes use of the “corporate volunteering opportunities” and serves in the “warehouse” and delivers food to “charities at FareShare Regional Centres”. While, the Chief Executive Officer of FareShare, Lindsay Boswell added:
“Our partnership redistributing surplus food and support with funding and volunteering from General Mills is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when everyone is focused on generating the greatest impact they can.”
FareShares celebrated its valuable partnerships by interacting with some of its “amazing charity partners” as they talked about the impact created by the food distributed through FareShare along with its partners. To learn more about it, visit the link provided below:
General Mills continues to support FareShare’s initiative for which the latter has expressed its gratitude.