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GSK Presents Its ‘Responsible Business Supplement’ For 2016


GSK continues to operate responsibly and sharing its progress with the world.

Dailycsr.com – 30 April 2017 – GSK has come with its “Responsible Business Supplement” updates on its performance over twenty three “responsible business commitments”, that are spread across “four key focus areas”, namely Health for all, Our behaviour, Our people and Our planet”. Moreover, it comes in additional to GSK’s Annual Report that enlists its “approach to responsible business”. As GSK adds:
“By being commercially successful and operating responsibly, we will improve people’s health and benefit society, as well as create value for shareholders”.
In the words of the C.E.O at GSK, Sir Andrew Witty:
“GSK has a strong commitment to operating responsibly and playing our part in meeting some of society’s biggest healthcare challenges.
 Over the last decade, this has been seen in our commitment to place access to medicines at the centre of our business approach, in our innovation focused on diseases that impact the poorest countries – such as malaria – and in the changes we have made to our commercial model and sales and marketing practices.”
While, BSR’s C.E.O and the President, Aron Cramer, stated:
“GSK’s Responsible Business Supplement 2016 is a strong statement of its intentions, actions and achievements.
One of its signal accomplishments is the clear link between GSK’s business strategy and the central public health issues the strategy is designed to address.”
Here are the highlights of GSK’s 2016 responsible business:
  • Topped Fortune’s Change the World list and ranked first in the Access to Medicine Index for the fifth consecutive time
  • Expanded our graduated approach to filing and enforcing patents to ensure we balance the need to protect our intellectual property with a country’s economic maturity.
  • Proposed the creation of a permanent ‘biopreparedness organisation’ to develop vaccines for major global health threats of the future.
  • Committed to supply our essential vaccines at our lowest price to internationally recognised civil society organisations supporting refugees in response to the humanitarian crisis
  • Continued to use our 70 years’ experience in antibiotics to tackle resistance; opened the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Public Health in China to address local health threats posed by antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases.
  • Received confirmation from the World Health Organization that funding has been committed to enable pilot implementation of our RTS,S malaria vaccine in three settings in  sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Ensured 1.3 million children received life-saving treatments in 2016 through our pioneering partnership with Save the Children.
  • Stopped paying healthcare professionals (HCPs) to speak to other prescribers about our prescription medicines and vaccines, effective January 2016.
  • Provided unprecedented access to preventive healthcare to almost 100,000 employees and family members in developing markets through our Partnership for Prevention (P4P) programme.
  • Reduced our direct carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 18% since 2010, through a continued focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and investment in sustainable buildings.