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GROHE Belongs To Top Three Companies at ‘German Sustainability Award’


GROHE wins the jury’s heart by its sustainable attempts and “new standards” in the sanitary industry.

Dailycsr.com – 28 November 2019 – GROHE secured a spot among top three in “Germany's Most Sustainable Big Companies 2020” category during the “German Sustainability Award ceremony which took place in Düsseldorf, on November 22, 2019. The placement is a result of GROHE’s “360-degree sustainability approach” as well as its efforts in “saving resources”.
In the words of the chief executive officer of Grohe AG, Thomas Fuhr:
“We are proud that our holistic sustainability approach, which we integrate into all of GROHE's areas of activity, has enabled us to achieve a top ranking at the German Sustainability Award. Our daily experience shows that economic success and sustainable business practice do not have to be mutually exclusive. This award confirms our consistent pursuit of our sustainability goals and at the same time motivates us to further increase our commitment.”
It marks the twelfth times for the “German Sustainability Award Foundation” to award companies who have been successful in combining economic and social responsibilities besides leading the as environmental protector in an “exemplary manner”.
GROHE was showered praise by the jury got its “commitment to saving resources”. One such successful attempt is the “recycling rate of above 96 percent”. In fact, GROHE is the first “leading sanitary brand” who has come up with the idea of creating “material-saving fittings with the aid of innovative solutions”, like using 3D metal printer which saves nearly 55% in weight.
According to LIXIL’s press release:
“GROHE's greatest lever for sustainability, however, is in the product’s use: a person's daily water consumption can thus be reduced by up to 50 percent with the help of products equipped with GROHE EcoJoy flow-limiting technology. The result: a family of four can save up to 31,400 litres of water per year this way”.
Furthermore, GROHE doesn’t seem to stop here as it aims to achieve “CO2-neutral production” on a global scale under its “‘GROHE goes ZERO’ project”. Consequently, all the five production sites of GROHE in Germany were shifted to “green electricity”. The plan is to “offset unavoidable CO2 emissions by means of two compensation projects” by April 2020. In the words of Thomas Fuhr:
“The award has shown us that we have already taken important steps to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals. At the same time, manufacturers such as GROHE are more than ever asked to assume responsibility, which is why we want to use measures such as “GROHE goes ZERO” to provide further impetus within the industry and thus actively promote greater sustainability”.