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GRI Standards Empowers SMEs In Their Sustainable Efforts


GRI collaborates with SMEs to form “a network” and provide “training in sustainability reporting”.

Dailycsr.com – 16 December 2020 – The global corporate majority accounts for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, in short SME, which “play a crucial role” when it comes to developing societal, environmental and economic sustainability. On “Small Business Saturday” observed on 28th of November, GRI reflects on SME’s “contribution and importance”.
GRI has been “supporting SMEs” across the globe over multiple years to become more sustainability with the backing from the “Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs”, in short SECO. GRI’s global action includes the “Competitive Business Program”, which integrates “SMEs into global value chains” through sustainable reporting capacity development. In selected countries, SMEs is working to create “a network” and provide “training in sustainability reporting”. Giving an example for the same, GRI added: “in Peru, more than 800 organizations have joined local GRI workshops and events, and the network keeps growing. In South Africa, meanwhile, 107 SMEs received training on the use of the GRI Standards”.
Moreover, GRI recognises the fact that a “regulatory framework” supporting sustainability is needed for SMEs. Therefore, GRI’s programme collaborated with investors and governments to promote “transparency around sustainability” regarding SMEs. Likewise, GRI led an initiative in Columbia which resulted in a “Declaration” favouring “responsible investment” that dealt with respecting human rights and aligning with the “Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement”.
Furthermore, GRI also collaborated with “Colombia Stock Exchange” for issuing “sustainability reporting” guidance. GRI Standards can be applied to organisations of “all sizes” to declare about their commitments towards sustainability in a “great way”. In fact, these standards enable companies to view their respective “processes and procedure” in a comprehensive manner to assess their impacts and to arrive at the best way of utilising information for the benefit of the business. While GRI also added:
“For SMEs they are a valuable opportunity to look at the impact they have on their immediate environment, and act accordingly”.