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GRI Scrutinises Its Performance Using Its Own Yard Sticks of GRI Standards


The “GRI 2016–2017 Annual Report” builds the future on the basis of past achievements.

Dailycsr.com – 31 May 2018 – The Global Reporting Initiative, in short GRI, completed twenty years in 2017, whereby celebrating its journey it looked back and lives a proud moment for its “strong basis” upon which the future is being created.
Nevertheless, the year also has been special since GRI, the standard year stick, scrutinised its own work done so far to evaluate its current position vis a vis its aimed destination.
Moreover, under the “new leadership”, actions were taken up with renewed energy to make sure that the delivery of GRI remains on course to meet its aim.
Here are some of the highlights from the annual reports of GRI, as mentioned by the company:
  • Over 80,000 unique downloads of the GRI Standards
  • 3,500 stakeholders participating in 29 GRI Standards launch events in 26 countries
  • 450 policy instruments referencing GRI in 77 countries and regions t
  • 58 capital market instruments in 38 countries now mandate disclosures on sustainability issues.
GRI presents its operational details from engaging with “its vast stakeholder network” to its methods of approaching “material topics”. Moreover, the “GRI 2016–2017 Annual Report”, also features the challenges faced by GRI as well as the successes tasted by the company within the year mentioned. In order to avail more information in the “GRI 2016–2017 Annual Report”, kindly visit: