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GRI & CDP Release New Guidance For Environment Impact Reports


As the growing awareness towards environmental impact pushes more organisations to declare their impacts on the environment, GRI & CDP provides guidelines to make the job easy.

Dailycsr.com – 23 March 2016 – GRI is a pioneer in “sustainability reporting standards” which is being used in a wide manner, while CDP hosts a “global collection” wherein climate changing evidences along with “water and forest-risk data” have been recorded through self reporting.
The duo of GRI and CDP have come out with their recent “linkage guidance” which can help companies to prepare their reports on their respective “climate-related impacts”, whereby enabling them to come up with their critical information in regards to “climate change and water impacts”. As a result, they will be ultimately able to take actions towards reducing their respective “impacts” with the help of the latest guidance issued by GRI and CDP.
According to the Ethicalperformance:
“Estimates by the International Finance Corporation and Carbon Trust predict the global cost of climate change impacts will stand between US$ 2 trillion - US$ 4 trillion by 2030”. 
The said guidance set has come out after the “21st annual meeting of the Conference of Parties” which redesign new targets for government as well as private organisations in an attempt to “reduce their impacts on climate change”. Eventually, making sure that the global temperature remains “below the 2-degrees Celsius threshold”.
As per statistics, from the conglomeration of reports collected at the “GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database” for the year of 2015, twenty one percent among them which counts to over three thousand reports, have “reported on climate-related impacts using both CDP and GRI”.
Moreover, the United States noticed a fifty five percent of reports in the year of 2015 using GRI and CDP referencing style, whereby marking the highest shares ever, while along with more and more organisations starting to monitor their “impacts on climate-related issues”, it is expected the figures accounting for the reports citing GRI and CDP referencing style.