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GOJO Recognised As Ohio EPA’s Gold Level Achiever


GOJO is now a gold winner in environmental stewardship.

GOJO Recognised As Ohio EPA’s Gold Level Achiever
Dailycsr.com – 06 August 2016 – GOJO incorporates “sustainability into everything” they do through its initiative of “Sustainable Ways of Working”, in short SWOW which describes GOJO’s approach towards its work.
GOJO has been proactively involved in environmental management for a long time, whereby its efforts recently received the recognition of “Ohio EPA”. Likewise, the latter honoured GOJO with “the Gold Level” achievement under the “Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Program”.
The E3 programme of Ohio EPA recognizes organisations who have successfully conducted activities that prove to be “environmentally beneficial”. The said effort is an attempt to give an incentive for companies to take up more such activities as “environmental stewardship”. The E3 programme’s recognition is divide in three categories wherein gold is the highest in the rank.
Moreover, Ethicalperformance informs:
“To earn all three awards, a business or organization must have an excellent environmental compliance record, exceed regulatory compliance obligations and complete environmental stewardship activities that show a strong commitment to reduce waste, lower emissions and improve environmental performance”.
In the year of 2012 and in 2015, GOJO was awarded the E3 bronze and silver level recognition respectively. At GOJO, in order to achieve the gold level recognition, the scrap reduction team in the manufacturing unit of GOJO brought down its scrap generation rate from “.53 percent to .3 percent” within a span of three years, starting from the year of 2013 to the year of 2015, while the reduction of “leaking scrap products” was of forty seven percent.
While, GOJO also informs that:
“In June 2016, Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler visited our Lippman Campus to recognize our team for achieving the highest standard of environmental excellence and stewardship”.