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G&A Institute Provides ‘Exciting’ Pace Of ‘Corporate Sustainability’ & ‘Sustainable Investment’ Coverage


The year of 2018, creates “exciting” pace of work done in the fields of sustainability in the corporate sector along with sustainable investment, whereby creating a promise filled year ahead.

Dailycsr.com – 22 February 2018 – The “Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.” informs that within a month into the year of 2018, one can already observe the ‘exciting’ pace of “significant advances” made in sustainable investment, whereby taking the CSR agenda forward.
As a result, the advances made so far have directly affected the “lives of professionals” as well as the organisations that are in the “corporate sustainability and sustainable investing” field, whereby bringing together the “two vital halves of the capital markets”. Furthermore, the G&A Institute stated:
“We’ve been bringing you the news and commentaries related to many of these advances in this, our weekly newsletter focused on many aspects of sustainability.  We’ve been preparing in-depth management briefs as well for professionals and delivering these through our new web-based platform, ‘G&A Institute’s To the Point!’™”
In a brief account, the Ethical Performance informs about these works, whereby it reports:
“About Capital “Providers” & “Capital Deployers (investors supplying and corporations accessing capital):  the analysis and opinions/perspectives shared on “sustainable companies” and about “sustainable investing” are provided by influential third parties”.
In fact, ISS or the “Institutional Shareholder Services” is one of the above mentioned parties that have provided “Core Governance QualityScores to investor clients”. Moreover, these underwent a further expansion to “‘E’ (Environmental) and ‘S’ (Social) QualityScores”. The first of these scores have come out which includes “1,500 companies”, while in total as many as “5,000” companies are to be featured in the year of 2018.
However, the Ethical Performance mentions “two management briefs” as provided in the “‘G&A Institute’ To the Point! Platform”:
The first talks about the “ISS Unviels New Corporate "E" & "S" QualityScores for 1,500 Companies”, as the “earlier post” that came out in “mid-January” gave the readers a prelude to the issue while incorporating a conversation with Marija Kramer, who is the head of “Responsible Investment Business and Products at ISS”. Here is the link to the above mentioned article:
The second brief, however, deals with “sustainable investing”, providing its materiality, and the “Proof of Concept” questioning the subject. In October 2017, the “influential Barron’s editors” was considered first in the announcement of the editors by focusing on “sustainable investing”. Following the same, the “inaugural ‘Top 100 Sustainable Companies’” came out in mid-February 2018. For reviewing the G&A Institute’s take on “significant media coverage in To The Point”, kindly visit:
One can avail the “full issue” of “G&A's Sustainability Highlights newsletter” at: