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Future-Proof Your Business with Sustainable Solutions: SAP Sapphire 2023


SAP made sustainability a key strategic goal in 2009, and since then, we have focused on combining economic performance, environmental protection, and social responsibility to create sustainable businesses.

Our commitment to achieving net zero emissions along our value chain by 2030 - 20 years ahead of the original target - is evidence of our dedication to sustainability. However, to prepare for the future, we must prioritize sustainability today. As part of our world-class sustainable programs, SAP events are designed to support the dual goals of our sustainability strategy - to be an exemplar and an enabler.

We lead by example by continuously improving our operational sustainability and offer session content that provides innovative solutions for our customers and partners to accelerate their journey towards positive economic, environmental, and social impact.

SAP Sapphire 2023, a highly anticipated event, promises to gather a distinguished cohort of customers, partners, and experts to explore novel ideas and cutting-edge solutions that will future-proof businesses.

With a tour that spans across Orlando, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and a free virtual event, this flagship event embodies SAP's commitment to the principles of sustainability outlined in the Global Environmental Policy.

Each venue is tailored to demonstrate the crucial pillars of reuse, reduce, and recycle, incorporating sustainable practices such as renewable energy sources, food surplus donations, single-use plastic replacements, and environmentally conscious menus. In addition, SAP has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project to further strengthen its sustainability efforts.

The reality is that ‘future-proof’ is a way of operating. It’s built into how we do our business. SAP Sapphire is committed to practicing and promoting sustainable business now and for what’s next.