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Friendship Gives Strength To Bailey To Spread SMA Awareness


A wish to dance at sixth grade still pushes Bailey on her mission to raise funds for SMA disease.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2017 – In the words of Bailey Walter from North Tonawanda of New York:
“In elementary school, my best friend, Kale, was in a wheelchair and I didn’t know why. It took me a long time to ask about it, but in fourth grade I talked to his mom and found out he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at 18 months old.”
Bailey reached out to her mom expressing her wish to help Kale, whereby she set a goal of dancing with her friend by the time they were “sixth-grade”. Bailey added:
“I think my mom was a little skeptical at first. She bought 100 bracelets that said ’SMA – Let Them Dance’ and told me if I sold 100 bracelets in a month they’ll give me everything I need to support me in my efforts. That was almost six years ago.”
However, even though Bailey’s wish of dancing with Kale did not come true by “sixth-grade”, now at the age of sixteen, she “reached many milestones over the last six years” as continuous to “raise funds” and spread “awareness for spinal muscular atrophy”. For reading the full story, kindly visit: