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France’s charges beheading suspect with terrorism charges


With the revelation of a possible link between an individual and the terrorist organizations, France looks forward to pinning down the suspect on allegations of terrorism and conspiracy to blow up a gas plant.

According to latest news, a man was found guilty of beheading his boss following which, the suspect also pinned the severed head on a fence. In addition to that he is also suspected to be allegedly involved with the Islamist militants in attempts to blow up an industrial gas plant. France’s chief public prosecutor is also reported to have dismissed the suspect’s claim of not being motivated by the Islamist militants for this act.

The news was announced by the public prosecutor after a long 96-hour, custody time period, which followed the arrest of Yassin Salhi, 35 at the scene of the crime situated near Lyon. The alleged attack was carried out after a period of 5 months from the day 17 people were massacred at Paris by the Islamic Militants. This group is known to be a rebel organization which has its stronghold in Syria and Iraq.  

Molins had to say that they had discovered the alleged suspect in custody, Yassin Salhi to have sent 2 photos of this act to the Islamic Militants in Syria who are also speculated to have deep connections with the ISIS. The photographs included the body of the murdered man and a selfie with the severed head of the victim.

A lawyer for Salhi quoted to BFM TV that his client was “in no way a militant” which was also the most adversely used phrase of his client for his self-defence.

The prosecutor presented a rather chilling insight into the entire story which had been carefully shaped on the basis of the evidence gathered from the questioning. According to him, the suspect left home early on Friday, allegedly hit the boss with the help of a car jack and then strangled him to death. Following that the suspect severed his boss’ head and pinned it down to the fence.

Initially the accused refused to talk, but later he argued and insisted on the act being performed solely out of rage which had risen due to personal problems. Salhi refused his alleged connection with the Islamic militants group.

According to the verses pf Molins, the alleged killer severed the head of his victim and then pinned in on the fence if the factory in order to avail maximum publicity for the deed he had performed. He also added that this sort of act is basically advocated by the terrorists of the Islamic Militants in Syria who allegedly have superior control over large areas in Syria and Iraq.

The investigators also claim to have unearthed evidences of regular contact between the alleged criminal and the terrorists back in Syria. Autopsy results are still awaited for establishing the real cause behind the death of the 54-year old Herve Kornara.