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Fostering ‘The Integrity & Strength’ Of The Green Bond Market


A growing investment towards a sustainable future.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2018 – With the continuous growth of “green bond market” in the world, the sector seems to attract a “larger and wider issuer base”, whereby reflecting its growth in “$155.5 billion” of “labeled green bonds” being included into “a larger $895 billion universe” that deals with “climate-aligned bonds” contributing towards a “low-carbon economy”.
Green bond proceeds usage demonstrates the way issuers raise capital for the conservation of resources and energy, besides calling in a transformation of “transportation systems” and protecting “water, land and forests”.
With these investments comes the opportunity for the investors to contribute into the global transition to a “more sustainable future” which is supported by “financial value” creation. Although, the “market challenge” lies in defining ‘green’ as “no single agreed definition of ‘green’ yet exists”.
BNY Mellon has made its commitments to foster “the integrity and strength of the market” and help the clients in the mobilisation of “investment capital” towards “sustainable financial objectives”.