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Fostering STEM Education and Innovation: CACI's Partnership with SAMSAT


CACI International Inc is committed to shaping a brighter tomorrow through investments in education and opportunities for young visionaries in STEM fields. With their philanthropic initiative, CACI Cares, they have joined forces with the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT), a rising tech museum focused on fostering STEM education and igniting the sparks of innovation. Together, they inspire and pave the way for what lies ahead.
“CACI works closes with the U.S. Air Force to fulfill its important missions and is an active member of the San Antonio community,” said DeEtte Gray, CACI’s President of Business and Information Technology Solutions.
“As we continue to grow our presence in this area, our support of STEM education and SAMSAT enables future talent to consider a career in national security.”
CACI, a proud supporter of SAMSAT, has taken an active role in their mission. They have generously sponsored the creation of the cutting-edge Tech Port Innovation Center, and alongside that, they have brought to life the captivating CACI Cyber City exhibit. This exhibit, crafted entirely with LEGO® bricks, showcases a remarkable interactive model of San Antonio. What's even more impressive is the dedication shown by numerous CACI employees who volunteered over 200 hours to organize and guide more than 20 STEM student volunteers in constructing this awe-inspiring LEGO display.
The foundation of CACI's Cyber City exhibit lies in their innovative City Block technology. It's a sophisticated software-based cyber-physical modeling and simulation environment that empowers cybersecurity specialists, network administrators, and experts in industrial control systems and operational technology (ICS/OT) security testing. Within this immersive platform, professionals can train and execute cybersecurity operations, ensuring a safer digital landscape.
“We are excited to see our software superpower being used to stimulate young minds in San Antonio,” said Todd Probert, CACI President of National Security and Innovative Solutions.
“City Block leverages virtual reality, 3D modeling, and other technologies to help our military partners prepare for the digital battlefield of the future. We hope that students who visit the exhibit will be inspired to join us in our continuous efforts to defend and protect our nation from cyber threats.”  
SAMSAT emerged with a bold vision: to propel STEM education forward and bridge the gap between K-12 students, college students, universities, industry, government agencies, and nonprofits in the vibrant San Antonio community. Today, SAMSAT goes above and beyond, offering a diverse range of educational opportunities for all ages. From captivating tours and engaging online programs to mobile demonstrations, STEM camps, STEM clubs, and even events tailored for adults, SAMSAT leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fostering knowledge.
Aligned with SAMSAT's mission to "inspire what's next" by blending the wisdom of the past and present to ignite future innovation, CACI steps forward as a catalyst for progress. Their commitment to innovation, always staying one step ahead of emerging needs, seamlessly aligns with SAMSAT's drive. By contributing to SAMSAT, CACI reinforces their dedication to providing the essential resources that equip the next generation of visionaries for promising careers in national security.