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‘Forests Play A Key Role In A Global Solution’


Forest restoration is seen as “an imperative” step to battle climate change besides creating green jobs in the post COVID-19 world.

Dailycsr.com – 29 September 2020 – California has face recent wildfires which reminds us the vulnerability of forests with the climate change looming at us. In the words of the chief executive officer as well as the president of HP, Enrique Lores:
“I live with my family in the Bay Area. We’ve seen the otherworldly skies and inhaled the wildfire smoke. We’ve watched, with heartbreak and outrage, as so many of our neighbors across the Western United States have lost their homes — and, in some cases, their lives — to these devastating fires.”
The natural calamity only underscores the urgent need of protecting forest across the globe followed by rebuilding and replenishing these ecosystems. Annually, we lose as many as 15 billion trees whereas only one third of the amount is planted, as a result, we are losing ten billion trees every year. Therefore, businesses as well as non-profit organisations are taking more interest in planting trees making every tree count for capturing CO2.
The United States “chapter of 1t.org”, an initiative to plant “one trillion new trees” across the globe within a decade, was jointly launched by “the World Economic Forum (WEF) and American Forests”. Many companies and non-profits, such as “HP, Mastercard, the cities of Dallas and Detroit, and the National Forest Foundation” have joined in this movement, whereby pledging towards forest conservation and restoration so as to grow over “855 million trees in the US and abroad by 2030”.
In the words of the president as well as the chief executive of American Forest, Jad Daley:
“It is great to have strong participation from cities because taking action to fix the dramatically inequitable distribution of trees in our cities can deliver real health benefits, especially in a changing climate”.
While, the Director of “Nature Based Solutions” at World Economic Forum, Justin Adams said:
“If we’re connecting and restoring our forests, it’s not simply a climate solution. It is a solution that touches so many of the things we take for granted and underpins a good quality of life.”
Furthermore, HP’s chief “Sustainability & Social Impact” officer, Ellen Jackowski said:
“At HP, we believe the science that dictates this decade is the critical moment to address climate change, and we know that forests play a key role in a global solution. We can’t wait any longer—the time to act is now.”