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Ford Motor Company Strengthens Its Commitments By Extending Help Towards Feeding Hungry Americans


Ford continues to extend its support of feeding hungry Americans through its new hunger-relief programme plans.

Dailycsr.com – 20 October 2015 – Taking a new “philanthropic” venture of helping the local dealers of New England to “fight hunger” all through the region, the Ford Motor Company continues to meet its commitments promptly. The said initiative will include a financial involvement of “$2million”.
The “Ford Motor Company Fund” being the charitable body of Ford Motor Company continues to support ten food banks for five years by providing them vehicles. The said food banks are situated in the areas of “Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont”. At present, Ford Fund is also collaborating with Feeding America® whereby, it aims to help the leading “domestic hunger-relief organization” of the nation in its endeavour. Ford’s Fund and Community Service’s president, Jim Vella commented:
“More than 12 percent of those living in the New England area lack reliable access to the food and nutrition needed to thrive. As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, we are stepping up our efforts in the fight against hunger.”
The announcement of Vella was made at a function which comprised of community leader figures, representatives of food bank and local dealers. Moreover, in that very event, the Ford Company handed over the new set of keys for “new Ford Transit van” to the Greater Boston Food Bank. The latter will be using the transport to bring food to the “individuals facing hunger in eastern Massachusetts”. Likewise, the organisation will also be added into the network of national “Ford Transits”. The said network came into being six years ago in order to transport food to the people in need.
In the course last ten years, Ford has been active in providing “more than 100 additional vehicles to Feeding America member food banks”. Thanks to these vehicles, the food banks could easily collect grocery and foods donated by the retail stores, manufacturer and farmers and transport the same to people in need. GBFB’s food acquisition and supply chain’s Vice President, Cheryl Schondek stated:
“The support from Feeding America and Ford Motor Company Fund is extremely valuable to The Greater Boston Food Bank and our mission, which is to ‘End Hunger Here. As we enter the busiest time of year, this partnership will help us distribute more nutritious food and fresh produce throughout eastern Massachusetts.”
GBFB has been distributing healthy food to hungry people, whereby last year it gave out “54 million pounds” of “healthy food” to satisfy hunger. There are plans of extending its help to the “one in nine residents of eastern Massachusetts” this year, as they do not often have “enough to eat”. Here is a list of “hunger-relief grants” recipients:
  • Connecticut: Connecticut Food Bank, East Haven; Foodshare, Bloomfield;
  • Maine: Good Shepherd Food Bank, Auburn;
  • Massachusetts: The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Hatfield; Worcester County Food Bank, Inc., Shrewsbury;
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire Food Bank, Manchester;
  • New York: Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, Latham;
  • Vermont: Vermont Foodbank, Barre;
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Island Community Food Bank, Providence