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‘Field To Table’ An Endeavour Of S.F.N.T.C To Feed Hungry Mouths


The leading manufacturer of natural tobacco, S.F.N.T.C is making significant impacts on the community whereby encouraging farmers to grow local organic produce which in turn help to feed people in need.

Dailycsr.com – 16 July 2015 – The Company of Santa Fe natural Tobacco, in shorts S.F.N.T.C, has diligently worked, in order to promote 100% “additive-free tobacco products”, whereby taking the place of the all-natural tobacco manufacturer. In fact, the company has established a reputation of being a “strong steward of the environment”. The company has embraced the “RAI’s vision of Transforming Tobacco” and continues to function as a part of the “environmental sustainability” project in order to fulfil its “long-standing commitment”.
S.F.N.T.C was founded in the year of 1982. Since its beginning till date it has steadily established its name as a community caring company. Furthermore, enhancing the green efforts of the company, “an innovative community outreach program” was developed which concentrated on transforming the planet and educating the people around in sustainability. Harping on the idea of creating a helping platform for the farmers in collaboration with the “Community Supported Agriculture” concept which will in return feed the “hungry”, whereby preserve the planet. The said attempt has proven to be a pioneering programme under the name of "From Field to Table – Sustaining Farms and Families". The director of S.F.N.T.C’s sustainability branch says:
"It's a win-win-win program. From Field to Table was specifically designed to be an earth-friendly program that helps sustain local agriculture while providing food for the hungry. The design of the program is pretty simple, but its leverage and its b and its beneficial effects are profound."
S.F.N.T.V has been actively involved in launching various programmes in the line of “Field to Table” programmes, whereby the company purchases a huge amount of organically produced agricultural products; for example from a co-operative made of seventy organic farms, the S.F.N.T.C makes a weekly purchase of “$2,000”. The products, thus purchased, are then given in donation to “Area Congregations in Ministry” which also “runs the Food Bank” providing food to “needy members”. In Grover’s words:
“That comes to about 1,200 pounds of fresh, sustainably grown high-quality produce that we then donate to ACIM every week. So the program simultaneously helps to support local farmers and feed people in the community who might otherwise go hungry.”
Many known executives have praised the said attempt of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Comapany, whereby the executive director of A.C.I.M even stated that:
“If only every company cared the way SFNTC does, we would not have any hungry people.  This is the best thing to happen to ACIM as a whole in my time with them, as far as helping our community.”
Likewise, S.F.N.T.C buys locally grown organic produce from “Beneficial Farms” every week and delivers the same to “The Food Depot”, a non-profit organisation created by S.F.N.T.C which acts as the middle man by connecting “more than 135 agencies across nine counties” and providing “more than 400,000 meals each month” to poor people. The Food Depot’s executive director, Sherry Hooper exclaims:
“We’ve been thrilled to see this program develop.  We’ve been mostly using it for the senior food program, delivering it to senior centers, and they’ve been really delighted to receive the produce.  There’s such a difference when you bite into something that’s grown locally, versus what you buy in a store.”