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Feeding Detroit Community Through 2020-2021


Capuchin Soup Kitchen receives ‘$100,000’ from Comerica Bank.

Dailycsr.com – 27 November 2020 – On November 20, 2020, Comerica Bank made an announcement to reveal about a donation of “$100,000” to “Capuchin Soup Kitchen”, latter is a non-profit “community partner” of the bank which has been serving the Detroit community for over nine decades with the aim of supporting and feeding the ones that need. Here is the list of areas where both the partners will collaborate for “2020/2021” programmes, as mentioned by the press release of Comerica Bank:
  • “2020 Holiday Food Drives on Thanksgiving (November 23-24) and Christmas (December 16-17), providing food for approximately 1,300 households;
  • “Operational expenses;
  • “2021 Support Our Capuchin Kitchen (SOCK) Fundraiser; and
  • “Financial education initiatives.”
In the words of the ‘Market President’ at “Comerica Bank Michigan”, Mike Ritchie:
“We are proud to continue investing in Capuchin Soup Kitchen and its mission to serve individuals and families by meeting food security needs as well through social and emergency assistance. For over 90 years, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen has served a higher purpose through its outreach, vital to community wellness and sustainability. The inspirational efforts of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen during the pandemic exemplify its selfless commitment to others, and we look forward to assisting them in their mission.”
Moreover, Capuchin Soup Kitchen was the “first community partner” to serve the “Detroit Lions 2020 First Down Program” of Comerica in September whereby awarding “$2,500”. While, the Executive Director of Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Brother Jerry Johnson added:
“The Capuchin Soup Kitchen is grateful for this partnership with Comerica Bank. The support Comerica has given us over many years has helped alleviate suffering in our community, and it speaks to how partnering and teamwork can help make a positive difference in the lives of those who struggle with poverty, homelessness, addiction and other challenges. With these funds, we'll be able to provide 30-pound pantry food boxes to approximately 1,300 households on Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as provide other operational support to continue our programs and services.”