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Feeding America Receives ‘Generous’ Donations From Publix Worth Over ‘$1.5 Million’


Keeping in line with the commitments of helping the community, Publix donates a large sum to Feeding America Foundation.

Dailycsr.com – 06 November 2015 – Feeding America has been among the “leading domestic hunger-relief charity” on a nationwide scale. It has twelve member food banks operating across Publix areas. In fact, an announcement made by the latter, that is to say “Publix Super Markets Charities”, Feeding America will receive a donation of “$1.5 million” from Publix, which will be used for helping the food banks with transportation.
The donation is in line with the commitments made by the organisation to Feeding America as an indirect service towards the communities. Moreover, food banks require “refrigerated trucks” for transporting perishable food items. The donation of Publix will be given to each “12 member food banks” as a sum of “$120,000” for buying “refrigerated trucks”. The funds will prove helpful to “more than 4,800 agencies”.
As per the data provided by USDA, almost forty eight million Americans including fifteen million children are living with food insecurity. Consequently, every one person in seven people have to deal to hunger in the U.S. Publix Super Markets Charities’ president Carol Jenkins Barnett stated:
“The statistics are staggering. Hunger affects all walks of life in communities across the country. We continue to hear about the need for fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy from Feeding America member food banks. Our Foundation’s $1.5 million donation, will help the food banks collect, safely transport and distribute even more wholesome, perishable foods to our local communities.”
While, the Feeding America’s corporate partnerships’ vice-president, Nancy Curby remarked:
“Feeding America is thankful to Publix Super Markets Charities for its commitment to solving hunger in local communities. This partnership helps to ensure that member food banks are equipped to transport more of the most needed food items to families who struggle with hunger.”
Moreover, every twelve members of Feeding America will also receive a “trailer-load of food” from the Publix Super Markets, whereby the total cost will amount to “more than $660,000”. The “media and community relations” director at Publix, Maria Brous commented:
“As a food retailer, our single biggest opportunity to give back is in reducing hunger. Our perishable recovery program is just one example of our associates’ commitment to make our communities a better place. By donating much needed wholesome foods, we’re helping our local food banks meet the needs of our neighbors.”
In the words of Adam H. Putnam, the Agricultural Commissioner at Florida:
“One in seven Americans struggles with food insecurity, and this hardship can have a lasting impact on their lives, from education to health to employment. Publix Super Markets Charities’ generous contribution will not only help provide nutritious food to families in need, but has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of Americans.”