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FedEx Charter Plane Pilot Lovebirds On A Lifesaving Mission


Mr and Mrs Pitzers met as FedEx pilots and never looked back since then as they continued to balance life and work serving a larger goal all the while.

Dailycsr.com – 04 March 2020 – While flying the charter plane of FedEx, Cheryl and Peter found their life partners in each other as they experienced love blossoming.
Both the pilots are now married while their love story began in 1999, when Peter and Cheryl, now aged fifty-five and fifty-two respectively, were posted as the “first officer for FedEx” back then.
They completed their training together when their love story started to take shape. However, both of them prioritised their career as they “managed their busy international flight schedules” for over ten long years and finally decided to get married in 2011. The Pitzers embarked on their conjugal journey on a new note as they began to “help people around the world regain sight” with the help of their skills as pilots.
Likewise, both of them give their voluntary service as pilots for Orbis, the latter being a non-profit which converts airplanes into “mobile teaching hospitals” besides taking ophthalmology and eye-care across the globe, reports the website of Orbis.
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