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Family-Owned Logging Businesses: Rayonier's Support and Partnerships


Family-Owned Logging Businesses: Rayonier's Support and Partnerships
At Rayonier, we are privileged to collaborate with small, local logging enterprises, forming a deep connection that makes them an integral part of our family. These businesses, which have been passed down through generations, hold a special place in our hearts. We take immense pride in these partnerships and value their shared dedication to the sustainable management and preservation of the land we work on.
Today, we would like to share with you the inspiring stories of seven of these multi-generational businesses. These stories highlight their enduring values and unwavering passion for the logging industry. Join us as we pay tribute to the remarkable legacies and significant contributions brought by logging businesses spanning from Washington state to Florida.

Levanen Inc., Battle Ground, Washington
Scott Levanen, from a young age, aspired to follow in his father's footsteps and become a professional in the logging industry. While working alongside his father, Scott gained valuable skills and experience in logging. Recognizing the need for a local logging company that could assist private landowners in optimizing their tree farms, he partnered with his cousin Mark in 1989 to establish Levanen Inc. Their mission was to fulfill this purpose wholeheartedly.
The exceptional quality of Levanen Inc.'s services quickly gained recognition among landowners, leading to a surge in demand. To meet this growing need, the company expanded its workforce and acquired more advanced equipment, enabling them to undertake larger logging projects. To sustain their growth, Levanen Inc. diversified its services, offering logging operations to both public and private timberlands.
Through strategic partnerships, such as the one with Rayonier, Levanen Inc. has evolved into a versatile organization. These collaborations reflect a shared commitment to safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced timber harvesting methods, employing cable assist and hydraulic grapple logging systems.
Scott's father once imparted valuable advice, stating, "Surround yourself with great people, and things will go well." Scott attributes his success to the partnerships, employees, vendors, and clients he has had the privilege to work with throughout the years.
Presently, Scott owns and operates Levanen Inc. with the assistance of his two sons, Dale and Loren. Looking ahead, Dale and Loren aspire to purchase the company, carrying forward the cherished family legacy.

Sevier Logging, LLC, Olympia, Washington
Jeff Sevier and his son, Justin, are the proud owners and operators of Sevier Logging, LLC. This well-established, third-generation company boasts a logging history spanning over 70 years in the Pacific Northwest. Renowned for their sustainable forestry practices and exceptional logging services, Sevier Logging, LLC has built a strong reputation as a trusted contractor for various timber companies. Their valued partnerships include Weyerhaeuser Company, Rayonier Forest Resources, Green Diamond Resource Company, Harbor Timber/Quinault Partners for the Quinault Indian Tribe, Olympic Resource Management, and government sales at Fort Lewis.
Jeff inherited the business from his father, Paul, in 2000, carrying forward the family legacy. Over the past decade, Justin, Jeff's son, has actively participated in the company, working alongside his father and preparing to assume ownership in the near future.
“Working alongside my dad has been invaluable as I learn the ropes,” said Justin. “I’m so proud of Justin. He has embraced a leadership role and makes good, solid decisions. I couldn’t be any prouder of him!”
Sevier Logging, LLC, places a strong emphasis on responsible land stewardship and is fully committed to safeguarding the environment through sustainable forestry practices. The company also prioritizes the safety of its employees, and remarkably, Sevier Logging, LLC, has maintained an impeccable safety record throughout its 70-year history in the logging industry.

Triple J Logging, Palatka, Florida
JJ Sweat had a vision to establish a logging business that would not only support his family in the present but also leave behind a legacy to benefit future generations. In 2005, he founded Triple J Logging Inc. in Palatka, Florida. Currently, JJ's son Jess works alongside him as a co-owner, learning firsthand the operations of the company. Over the years, Triple J Logging has experienced significant growth and currently employs a dedicated team of eight individuals. Since around 2019, the company has been collaborating with Rayonier's Florida Resource Unit as a logging contractor.

Allen Brothers Forest Management, Arlington, Washington
Les and Rob Allen are the representatives of their family's logging heritage, spanning the second and third generations, at the Hood Canal Tree Farm in East Jefferson County, Washington. In 1976, Les, along with his brothers Craig and Larry, established Allen Brothers Logging on the Olympic Peninsula, primarily serving the Quilcene and Chimacum areas.
During Rob's upbringing, he and his brother intermittently worked for their father. Although Rob initially pursued different career paths, he returned to Allen Brothers Forest Management as a full-time logger in 2004. Inspired by their father's dedication to the logging company, Rob's sons also worked for him during their high school summer breaks, gaining valuable experience in operations and logging equipment maintenance. As potential fourth-generation loggers, they have a promising future ahead if they choose to continue the legacy of Allen Brothers Forest Management.
Both Les and Rob hold a positive outlook on working with family members. They emphasize the deep familiarity and trust within the family, where each member treats the company as their own. Looking toward the future, Les and Rob are optimistic that the younger generation will decide to return and carry on the family's logging legacy.

DM Stratton and 3D Trucking, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida
In Jacksonville, Florida, the Stratton family shares more than just a common name across three generations - their passion for logging and their collaboration in family businesses bind them together. Dillon Stratton III, the youngest of the three, is the proud owner and operator of DM Stratton and 3D Trucking, LLC. Both companies have a strong familial lineage, with Dillon Stratton I, his grandfather, laying the foundation. Combined, these businesses provide employment for a total of 18 individuals. Aside from managing his own business, Dillon III holds the position of Vice President at the Southeastern Wood Producers Association. His father, Dillon II, was honored with the distinguished Florida Logger of the Year award in 1995, and following in his father's footsteps, Dillon III received the same recognition in 2022. Over the years, DM Stratton has developed a robust partnership with Rayonier, effectively overseeing multiple logging crews in our forests simultaneously.

Dilley & Soloman, Forks, Washington
Dave Dilley's journey in the logging industry began during his high school years when he discovered his true calling. Being raised in Forks, Washington, renowned for its picturesque outdoor landscapes and the Olympic Peninsula, it felt like a natural fit. After completing high school, Dave spent a decade working in logging alongside his uncle, who was a contractor for Rayonier. In 1987, Dave joined forces with Lyn Soloman to establish Dilley & Soloman Logging, experiencing remarkable business growth together.
Dave's son, Mike, joined the family business during his high school summers, dedicating his breaks to contribute to the company. After graduating in 2000, Mike initially pursued a college degree at Washington State University for two years but decided to follow his passion for logging instead. Throughout the years, Mike has gained comprehensive experience in various aspects of logging operations, witnessing the industry's evolution and transformation. Notable changes include the introduction of tower and shovel logging with grapple cars, tilting shovels, and tethering bunchers. Dilley & Soloman Logging has embraced innovation, contributing to their tremendous success. Dave is confident that when he retires, Mike will carry on the family legacy and achieve great success.

R.L. Smith Logging, Inc., Elma, Washington
While R.L. Smith Logging, Inc. has been in operation for 32 years, its logging legacy extends even further. In 1932, Roger Smith's paternal grandfather tragically lost his life in a logging accident, leaving behind his wife and five young sons. The family decided to temporarily set aside their involvement in the logging industry due to the incident. However, in 1980, Roger joined his uncle's company, Grandorff Bros Logging, a small business operated by four brothers, offering logging services in the high country of Grisdale.
In 1991, a period of economic decline resulted in Roger facing unemployment. Fortunately, his uncle offered to sell his share of the business, which led to the establishment of Tagman-Smith Logging, Inc. With the valuable assistance and support of Dick Tagman, R.L. Smith Logging, Inc. continues to thrive today.
Roger's dedication and achievements in upholding the family legacy enabled him to provide his nephew, Nate Murray, with an opportunity to start his own venture: Roosevelt Logging Inc. Additionally, Roger has worked alongside his brothers and brother-in-law for over two decades, cherishing the teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishments they have accomplished together. Presently, R.L. Smith Logging Inc. is actively harvesting areas they logged during their early years.
Reflecting on the family's extensive history in the logging industry, Roger remarks, "It is hard to imagine that our family history in the logging industry goes back almost 100 years."

Rayonier's Commitment to Supporting Local Family-Owned Logging Businesses
Rayonier takes great pride in partnering with these family-owned logging businesses. Built upon shared values and a profound appreciation for forests, their expertise in the industry and logging operations are crucial to Rayonier's mission of sustainable forest management. With a deep-rooted connection to logging, each company brings forth their local knowledge, specialized equipment, and skilled workforce.
We highly value and express gratitude to each family-owned logging business that collaborates with Rayonier. Our work is made possible by partnerships like these. Rayonier's objective is to continue supporting the ongoing success and resilience of these generational logging companies for many years to come.