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FPT Industrial Joins Research Project To Build Sustainable Future Batteries


Generation 3b not only promises a sustainable technology besides reduced manufacturing cost, it also takes environment into consideration and promotes recycling.

Dailycsr.com – 31 March 2020 – FPT Industrial is a “global powertrain brand” of CNH Industrial N.V., whereby the former has joined the research project for European battery, SeNSE. Apart from FPT Industrial, the team consists of “five other industrial companies and five research institutes”.
In the coming four years, the brand will strive to “find solutions for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries”. These batteries are known as “generation 3b” which would come with “higher energy density” along with an improved “improved cell chemistry, faster charging capability” among other benefits, whereby making it “more advanced” in comparison to the present lithium-ion batteries.
Furthermore, the project aims to manufacture these new batteries in a “European Gigafactory” as one of the partners has plans of building the “first Gigafactory in the region soon”. In fact, the said research will also look into the “sustainability of generation 3b cells” as the “positively charged electrode”, namely cathode of an electric device will be created without using “flammable and toxic solvents”, whereby simplifying the production process besides reduce the cost attached.
This way the environment can be protected while keeping the production cost low. Additionally, the project is also looking into a “renewed lifecycle for decommissioned vehicle batteries as stationary storage units and, finally, the recycling of the batteries”. While, CNH Industry reports:
“This project reflects FPT Industrial’s increasing focus on alternative propulsion, which has seen the Brand act on different technological fronts. Its efforts include this, and other collaborative projects within the European Union”.