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‘Eyes of Hope’ Is Two Years Ahead of Schedule Goal


The milestone of one million followed the next mile stone of two millions which was completed “two years early” and now it is time to double the original goal.

Dailycsr.com – 20 August 2018 – Jenna Lancaster recounts:
“I was 9 years old and went to my school nurse because I was having trouble seeing the board. The nurse knew of a program from VSP that could help our family with getting the eye exam and glasses, something that provided my mom a sense of relief because she was worried she couldn’t afford to get them on our own. The day I received my glasses, my entire world and performance in school totally changed. Now I am entering my sophomore year in college here in Dahlonega, Georgia and pursuing my dreams.” 
The comprehensive eye examination of Lancaster had taken place a decade ago, wherein Jenna Lancaster received glasses for free of any cost which was sponsored through “Sight for Students” programme initiated by “VSP Global Eyes of Hope”. Helping people like Lancaster, VSP Global marked a milestone of providing free of cost eye-care and eyewear to “one million” in need.
Furthermore, it extended its commitment of reaching out to “another million” to help by the year of 2020. Nevertheless, with the support from partnering doctors’ network VSP was able to reach the target two years prior to the set deadline. Therefore, VSP has decided to double up its original commitment goal.
The efforts of VSP Global was mainly targeted for the U.S. which was backed up with the “continued collaboration” of the employees of the company as well as the community and charity partners, while the most critical role of them all was carried out by the “VSP network doctors”. In the words of Jarrett Johnson, “OD, and VSP Global Board Member”:
“When my community was devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 13 years ago, I too was affected as my practice was completely destroyed. VSP not only supported me in my decision to rebuild, but also supported our community by providing access to no-cost eye care and glasses for those affected during a time of crisis. I am proud to be a part of these important efforts, both then and now.”
The vision care efforts of VSP has helped many patients so far enabling them to drive safely to go to their work, fill out any job applications without issue, complete school education successfully besides providing the simple joys of life of looking into their loved faces clearly. In fact, in some cases, the eye examinations carried out by the VSP network doctors were able detect “chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension” in their early stages. While, the President as well as the Chief Executive of VSP Global, Michael Guyette added:
“Our mission is to increase access to eye care and eyewear to give everyone the opportunity to see clearly and Eyes of Hope offers another delivery channel to the important care and services provided by VSP network doctors every day. We remain committed to expanding our efforts to bridge the gap in access to vision care for those disadvantaged by distance, disaster or income.”
Here is a list of facilities included in the “Eyes of Hope” initiative, as mentioned by VSP Global:
  • Mobile eye care clinics and gift certificates that provide immediate, no-cost access to eye exams and glasses for individuals in need from a local VSP network doctor; 
  • Eyewear donations and portable equipment loans that support optometrists who are delivering eye care to those in need globally; and
  • Special projects that improve sustainable access to eye care, such as We See, an initiative that set out to help 30,000 school children in Soweto, South Africa.