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Exploring Corporate Climate Initiatives with eevie’s Latest App


In a time when significant advancement relies on knowledge and collective action, and as the world’s focus turns once again to the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP28 UAE), eevie is delighted to unveil an innovative update to its engagement app. This update aims to enable the private sector to expedite their business decarbonisation by engaging employees and providing them with the necessary skills to promote sustainability within their organisations.
With the goal of motivating and enabling more employees worldwide to incorporate sustainability into their daily work, eevie has introduced a range of innovative features such as the Streaks and Teams features. The Streaks feature revolutionises engagement by allowing employees to monitor their progress and gain momentum. The Teams feature promotes a culture of healthy competition and collaboration, stimulating collective efforts towards achieving corporate climate objectives. A new dashboard enables companies to create their own branded campaigns that align with their strategies, manage all sustainability communications, and coordinate all initiatives.
“We are excited to launch our new app version and a new campaign builder dashboard, which will help even more employees take company-relevant climate action,” said Antonius Willms, Chief Executive Officer of eevie.
“The new features on the app are a powerful way to keep employees motivated to participate, reach the entire organisation and integrate climate initiatives more seamlessly into the staff’s daily life. The campaign builder allows employers now to develop their very own climate campaigns to tackle a diverse array of carbon hotspots in different departments of their businesses. We believe our latest software will make a significant impact on corporate climate initiatives and ultimately on corporate cultures.”
Leaders of medium to large-sized businesses are encouraged to explore the future of corporate climate initiatives through the latest version of eevie’s app.
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