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Explore Travel, Black History Month, and GoDaddy Life: Insights and Reflections


Explore Travel, Black History Month, and GoDaddy Life: Insights and Reflections
Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your role?
My name is Olivia, and I serve as a Quality Analyst I within the Care Team. Originally from Kenya, I've called Arizona home for the past decade.
What real-world challenges does your team address?
Our team is dedicated to supporting various initiatives centered around feedback and issue resolution within Care. One notable project is the WOW experience, which revolutionizes customer interactions by providing our Guides with a structured approach to delivering exceptional service. Whether it's sales, support, or any customer-facing role, this process aims to enhance the customer's journey with us.
Which project stands out as particularly rewarding in your career?
Creating the five pillars of the WOW experience for our Care Guides has been immensely fulfilling. Starting as an Inbound Sales Guide at GoDaddy, I experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating through new products and tech support while identifying sales opportunities. Developing the WOW experience provided a roadmap tailored for new Guides, enabling them to navigate through technical challenges with confidence.
You're actively engaged in various organizations within GoDaddy. How has this impacted your overall experience?
Joining GoDaddy in 2020 during the transition to remote work posed challenges in connecting beyond my immediate team. Seeking both social connections and career growth opportunities, I discovered the Level UP event hosted by Black in Tech (GDBIT), one of our Employee Resource Groups. This involvement led me to become an active member and eventually part of the GDBIT Core Team. Being a part of this community has transformed my work environment, fostering a sense of belonging through activities like volunteering and hosting game nights.
What's your personal motto or mantra?
"I'm brave. I'm justice. I can make a difference. I'm resilient." I instill these words in my son daily before he heads to school.
What are your interests outside of work?
I'm passionate about traveling. After completing high school, I ventured out of my home country. I spent two months in the United Kingdom before relocating to Dubai to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant. Even after leaving the airline industry, my love for travel remains strong. If airlines offered retirement packages akin to cruise ships, I'd be the first to sign up!
What significance does Black History Month hold for you?
Black History Month serves as a pivotal time to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the remarkable lives and contributions of African Americans who have profoundly impacted society.
What message do you hope your colleagues, neighbors, and friends take away from Black History Month?
I urge my colleagues, neighbors, and friends to engage in self-education. Take the time to explore Black history, visit Black history museums, or delve into literature written by Black authors.