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Introducing Blackbaud's groundbreaking 11th annual Industry Review: Employee Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Report! As the unrivaled leader in social impact software, we have carefully analyzed the data from over 400 exceptional companies and their incredible 8 million+ employees.

This comprehensive report dives deep into corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and examines the remarkable philanthropic behavior of these organizations. Using data collected throughout 2022 via Blackbaud's cutting-edge YourCause® CSRconnect®, GrantsConnect®, and NPOconnect® solutions, we present you with invaluable insights and emerging trends. It's important to note that the companies featured in this report are a distinguished subset of our extensive client base. Discover the remarkable impact of CSR and employee engagement through our expertly curated report!

“After a few challenging and transformative years, employees’ are participating in volunteering, giving, and various social impact actions and activities with a notable increased desire to get back to in-person engagements,” said Andrew Troup, Blackbaud Corporate Impact’s director of giving and engagement.

“Companies are evaluating their social impact strategies and looking for ways to capitalize on the momentum of increased employee engagement while making sure their programmatic offerings align toward trends for year-round giving programs, disaster relief initiatives, and a diverse volunteer portfolio that includes a balance of in-person and virtual engagement opportunities.”  
Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable insights that reveal a surge in employee engagement and corporate social responsibility. Here's what we found:
Empowered employees giving and volunteering like never before: The engagement rate, measuring participation across the entire employee population, skyrocketed. Witness the extraordinary increase in employees dedicating their time, with over 8.5 million recorded volunteer hours—a remarkable 34% surge since 2021!
The triumphant return of in-person volunteering: Incredibly, 82% of the recorded volunteer hours—part of that awe-inspiring 8.5 million total—were spent at captivating in-person events. This resurgent trend highlights the profound impact of volunteering in fostering a sense of community and belonging among employees.
Companies embracing year-round giving initiatives: More organizations than ever, a staggering 92%, now offer year-round programs to engage their employees. This notable 11% increase from 2021 signifies a powerful commitment to sustained giving and making a lasting impact.
Uniting forces for disaster relief: Witness the collective strength of companies and their employees as they rallied together to support disaster-stricken regions. An outstanding $12.2 million in funding was raised, with a remarkable 84% of donations directed towards campaigns aiding Ukraine.
But that's not all! This year's report also brings you an exciting preview of the extraordinary impact being made by organizations utilizing EVERFI from Blackbaud products. Experience the transformative power of EVERFI as it enables corporations, foundations, and nonprofits to swiftly reach thousands of K-12 learners, delivering impactful education on essential 21st-century skills. Discover how organizations across all industries are leveraging EVERFI products to sponsor critical skills education, including financial literacy, health and wellness, social-emotional well-being, and so much more.
Prepare to be inspired as the Industry Review takes you on a journey of discovery and impact that will leave you in awe. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of employee engagement and corporate social responsibility!
“The combined forces of YourCause and EVERFI, along with the commitment from Blackbaud to fuel impact, provides companies and organizations of all sizes a powerful suite of solutions to invest in their communities through grantmaking, education initiatives or employee volunteer opportunities,” said Tom Davidson, Blackbaud Corporate Impact’s executive vice president.
He went on to add, “The information contained in this report is just the tip of the iceberg for the kind of board-level reporting corporations can provide on their social impact activities.”
With expanded global partnerships, YourCause empowers companies to extend their reach and make a profound difference by connecting with an extensive network of charities from all corners of the globe.
But that's not all—rest easy knowing that our stringent vetting process is rigorously aligned with the latest local legal standards. YourCause keeps you confidently compliant while ensuring the utmost transparency and accountability. Now, you can navigate the intricate landscape of global giving with ease and certainty, knowing that your impact is maximized and aligned with the highest ethical standards.
Seize this unparalleled opportunity to amplify your impact, expand your horizons, and make a difference that knows no bounds. Join the league of socially responsible companies who are transforming the world with YourCause's unrivaled global charity database. It's time to embark on a journey of boundless giving possibilities!
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