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Exceeding The STEM Education Goal Of 1 Million Students


In a “proud” report, Symantec briefs about its work towards the betterment of “access to quality education, reducing inequalities, contributing to work and economic growth and taking steps to help protect the climate”.

Dailycsr.com – 17 October 2017 – Symantec has come out it with 10th CSR report that it publishes annually, whereby capturing its work under “Make the World a Better, Safer Place”.
Symantec’s “global corporate citizen” responsibility maintains its “shared responsibility” in order to deal with issues that “leverage its size, scale and expertise” in areas like “cyber security threat landscape” to create a “safer” world. The 2017 CSR report of Symantec outlines its work of last year and the route it is taking.
Symantec proudly declares its progress “made so far”, while it continues with its commitment of “ongoing improvement”. The said annual report is the tenth one, wherein the report underscores “some meaningful achievements” particularly the ones that exceeds “the goal of educating” over one million students in STEM education besides cutting down on Symantec’s “greenhouse gas emissions” by 15%.
Moreover, the company extends an invitation for the readers to go through the “brief survey” and to complete the same as for every completed survey before October 31, 2017, “Symantec will donate $50 to Common Sense Education” to “support digital safety education for youth”.
Symantec is the “largest pure-play” company of cyber security in the world with goal of “positively” impacting the communities wherein the company functions with the help of “its reach”. Moving beyond its own capacity, Symantec partners with “NGOs, governments, industry organizations and other businesses” for arrive at innovative solution that capable of addressing the “most pressing issues” faced in the society.
Furthermore, the Ethical Performance informs:
“The cyber threats facing the world today have reached crisis levels. As such, Symantec supports the United Nations Development Goals and is working in five areas connected to its business activities, including improving access to quality education, reducing inequalities, contributing to work and economic growth and taking steps to help protect the climate”.
Here is a list of “important milestones” achieved by Symantec that are features in the 2017 report, as mentioned by the Ethical Performance:
  • Surpassing its goal of educating one million students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with an emphasis on computer science and cyber security.
  • Reducing scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 15 percent, far surpassing the company’s three percent annual reduction target and bringing its reduction total to 19 percent.
  • Extending its Symantec Cyber Career Connection (Symantec C3) program which continues to provide a pathway for underrepresented young adults and veterans to enter into the cyber security field. Now in it's third year, the program is producing a 72% employment rate for graduates into cyber security positions. Sixty-three percent of participants in the training program are people of color and 25% are female, which is well above the industry average.
For the eleventh consecutive years, the “Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index” has named Symantec, while the “Dow Jones Sustainability World Index” too featured Symantec for the tenth consecutive years. In fact, the company continues to be “a member of the FTSE4Good for 11 consecutive years” and remain steadfast in its dedication towards building a “secure and sustainable future”.