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Ethical Corporation’s Latest Briefing Outlines The Corporate Responsibility Under Human Right Standards For The Year Of 2017


Glance the coming year’s corporate responsibility challenges in the field of Human Rights.

Dailycsr.com – 16 December 2016 – One cannot claim to remain ignorant anymore when it comes to the topic of “Human rights standards”, especially in corporate world wherein “due diligence” under the said standards have begun to increase.
It is an evolving landscape, which involves “corporate risk”. The latest briefing of Ethical Corporation gives an explanation and outlines the “most pressing issues” that businesses need address in the coming year of 2017 for ensuring compliance and mitigating “the risks”, while going beyond at the same time to “deliver positive impact in the communities”.
Here is a list of experts, whose insights are incorporates in the Ethical Corporation’s briefing, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • John Morrison, CEO, Institute for Human Rights and Business
  • Bennett Freeman, Chair of the advisory board, Global Witness (former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour)
  • Richard Karmel, Global head of human rights, Mazars UK
Kindly click here for availing a free copy of the above mentioned briefing.