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Ethical Corporation To Host Live Webinar On Incorporation Of SDGs Into ‘Business Operations’


Seize the opportunity to connect live with the experts to learn from them the best thing to do for aligning a business with SDGs.

Ethical Corporation To Host Live Webinar On Incorporation Of SDGs Into ‘Business Operations’
Dailycsr.com – 31 January 2018 – In the words of the Ethical Corporation’s head of strategy in Europe, Candy Telani Anton:
“Increasingly businesses are realising that small sustainable impacts are no longer enough. To meet the SDGs requires a wholesale shift in thinking and operations across both business and industry”.
However, the question lies about the method to use for “integrating the SDGs” into “business operations”. For helping businesses in this endeavour, four senior leaders will be sharing their “experiences and strategies live” in next week’s live “free online webinar” of Ethical Corporation which will take place on “Wednesday, 7th February, at 2 pm BST”.
Here are the names of the four expert speakers, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Pedro Ortún, Senior Advisor CSR/SDGs, European Commission
  • Mario Abreu, Vice President Environment, Tetra Pak
  • Louise Koch, Corporate Sustainability Lead, Dell
  • Aris Vrettos, Programme Director, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
The webinar will be for one hour wherein one will get to learn “how innovative businesses” want to bring in the “required shift” of operations and thinking for matching SDGs. Below is a list of areas that will be touched upon during the live webinar, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Where to start: Picking the right SDGs to suit your business
  • Identify the right partners to drive this change; internal departments, NGOs, academia, start-ups and competitors
  • Discover how businesses are forecasting these future positive impacts on business, the industry, society and environment
Kindly follow the link, given below for signing up to receive a “full post-webinar recordings”: