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Ethical Corporation Announces TRANSFORM 2019


Ethical Corporation brings “new and improved event” this year on transformational changes up and down the supply chain sector.

Dailycsr.com – 30 April 2019 – Ethical Corporation is fourteen years old, whereby it revealed about its “new-look event TRANSFORM” through recent announcements. Moreover, the corporation has carried out “the world-renowned Responsible Supply Chain Summit” which came up with “practical ideas” to help companies besides generating “new connections” for helping in the “key supply chain issues and opportunities”.
Over the past few year, it has observes a “significant shift” as “procurement” as well as sustainability teams have come together to discuss the challenges faced in the corporate sector for embedding “sustainability at the heart of supply chain activities”.
With the increasing focus on the circular systems, the said shift seems to have undergone amplification, resulting in compelling the companies to observe “up and down their value chain”. The event has received rebranding and is being promoted under the “banner TRANSFORM”, which is meant to reflect on the “required shift in action this year”.
Furthermore, the event also aims to showcase the corporate leaders who are being instrumental in driving in “transformational changes up and down their value chain”. The event, Transform 2019, is scheduled to take place Amsterdam over two day’s period on “16-17 October 2019”.
The “Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit” will also co-locate the event, while below are some “key areas” that will be taken up, as mentioned by the press release of Ethical Corporation:
  • Minimising GHG emissions across the value chain
  • Integrating renewables across the supply chain – reducing costs and impacts
  • The quest to replace plastic packaging
  • From pilot to scale – How can companies mainstream a circular system
  • Embedding human rights and environmental data within the procurement process
  • Transforming supply chains through transparency and collaboration
While, the report further added:
“Companies must undertake a transformative approach to their whole value chain to address the societal and environmental challenges we face. This year’s new and improved event will welcome 250+ CEOs, heads of business, investors and NGOs to address the increasing overlap and opportunities found up and down a company’s value chain”.