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Ethanol Can Clean UpTo 14% Of Emission From The Atmosphere


A new study indicates that all the notions of ethanol being a cleaner turn out to be justified study results.

Dailycsr.com – 28 July 2016 – Antonio Pasolini writes that:
“There has always been a controversy around the ethanol in relation to its environmental credentials. Detractors say it could actually be worse than fossil fuel while supporters claim that, by and large, it can help clean up transportation, a major source of emissions that cause global warming”.
However, a new study finds that the above mentioned view can be justifies, whereby declaring ethanol to be a cleaner capable of reducing emissions. Furthermore, the study advises the policy makers to install “high-octane E20 fuel and vehicles” that come with “E20 optimised engines”. Likewise, we can achieve the “transport emissions targets” by the year of 2030 and also beyond to the year of 2050.
Justmeans informs that the said study has been compiled by the “global consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment”. Moreover, the study shows that in case Europe increases its ethanol usage in its “transport network”, it could reduce up to “14.1 percent” of emissions, keeping the “possible land use change (ILUC) emissions” still into account.
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