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Ethan & His Wife Opt For A ‘Humanitarian Honeymoon’ Over Sandy Beaches


Newlywed couple join “Crowdrise 24-Hour Impact Project” to help Syrian refugees.

Dailycsr.com – 09 May 2017 – Newlywed couple, Ethan Zohn and Lisa Heywood Zohn, began their conjugal life with a “humanitarian mission”, whereby they set off to raise “$45,000” for helping “Syrian refugees” in Northern Greece’s refugee camp. Ethan is the winner if “CBS’s Survivor” reality series’ third season, while during his trip, Ethan found a deeper meaning in comparison to sandy beach honeymoon travels.
Recounting their life changing experience, Ethan said:
“In a small canvas tent inside a warehouse in Vasilika, Greece, five shoeless Americans silently huddled with an 8-year-old Syrian refugee and her mother. We were hiding from the Greek police, who had officially banned foreign visitors from entering the refugee camp, inhabited by 1,200 people stranded here after fleeing their countries. Beside me, my wife of three months, Lisa, was shaking with fear; we’d learned that we would be arrested if found inside, but we couldn’t resist visiting the ‘home’ of our new friend, Helena. Thankfully, we had already made some friends among the refugees, and they hid the five sets of shoes we had politely removed before entering Helena’s tent. When the police finally passed us by, we were smuggled out the back way through a ragged hole in a chain link fence. My wife turned to me and said, half kidding, ‘I could be on a beach right now, but I married you!’”
Defying the traditional romantic notions of honeymoon, Ethan and his wife “wanted to do something a little different”. Therefore, they chose to “spread all the love” they received during their “amazing wedding celebration”. Cancer survivor Ethan has now turned his life’s focus to making “happiness real for others”. He says:
“I have been fortunate enough to travel the planet and immerse myself in many different humanitarian efforts, and I wanted to share my love for service and volunteerism with my wife. To see each other in a new set of circumstances and a whole new light could only strengthen our vows”.
As a result, Ethan approached Crowdrise, a crowd-funding platform, in an attempt to find out “any opportunities” for taking part in “an existing campaign”. Likewise, Ethan and his wife came in contact with Mallory Brown, the creator of “Crowdrise 24-Hour Impact Project”.