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Essential At Home Wi-Fi Guide During Coronavirus Pandemic


Growing practice of social distancing and less highway crowd seem to have given rise to internet traffic, how are to cope with it when the internet seems to be the only way to remain connected to the world from home.

Dailycsr.com – 07 April 2020 – The global course seems to be wading through unchartered waters as the world deals with never seen before crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic. The only hope is to flatten the steep curve of the “coronavirus spread” as the world has come to a stand still with schools, businesses and companies being shut, while gatherings and events are either being postponed or cancelled altogether.
These changes have altered our lives drastically, as people are forced to remain in doors and maintain social distancing. Therefore, Wi-Fi connectivity becomes the only option for staying connected to the world. On one hand, highway traffic has reduced and on the other hand there is a “significant surge of internet traffic”. According to recent data the “peak” home internet usage time, typically between 6pm to 11pm, has seen a “11%” increase in the traffic while the work hour data has shown a 34% rise for the same.
Over 50% of internet traffic is on Wi-Fi connections while the ratio continues to grow. At present, people at home are relying on Wi-Fi connectivity “more than ever” as they continue to work, conduct classes or eek entertainment from home. Therefore, a growing number of people are investing their time in “video conferencing, VPN, remote learning, video streaming, online gaming” among others.
ON Semiconductor collaborates with “service providers and customer premises equipment manufacturers” to offer at home Wi-Fi connections that have high-performance. As the number of users from home has gone up increasing the “demand for Wi-Fi data throughout the day” whereby testing the Wi-Fi networks at home. Below are some of the points for you to keep in mind if you wish to “upgrade your home Wi-Fi”, as mentioned by ON Semiconductor:
  • “Internet speed: It’s important to understand the internet speed that you are signed up for by speaking with your internet service provider. Be sure to discuss your usage and the number of connected users/devices in the household to choose an appropriate plan for your needs. A quick way to test your internet speed is by using a free resource to know if your speed matches your plan.
  • “Modem, gateway and router: Many service providers supply or lease a modem/gateway when you sign up for internet service. If not, make sure that you have a model that handles the speed you are currently paying and signed up for. You can always check with the provider’s technical support to confirm if your equipment is compatible. If you are not getting the speed you pay for, it could mean you have legacy equipment and need an upgrade.
  • “Mesh repeater/extender: If you have a strong Wi-Fi signal when you are near the modem or router, but you have a dead zone or weak signal area in the house, consider adding a couple of mesh nodes or an extender. As this is an easy way to extend the Wi-Fi coverage within the entire home.
  • “Dual-band dual concurrent technology: Many current Wi-Fi routers have a feature to transmit data on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. When setting up your router for your home network, you will see an option to set up a Wi-Fi name and a password for the additional 5GHz band. The 2.4GHz band tends to be more crowded, so when connecting your mobile device to your home network, we suggest you connect to a 5GHz band, which will avoid the congestion and result in faster speeds.
  • “MU-MIMO: To simplify, MU-MIMO means Multi-User, Multiple Input and Multiple Output. For more advanced users who have many connected devices, you may want to choose a Wi-Fi router that supports MU-MIMO, which provides the ability for multiple devices to stream simultaneously for higher capacity”.
Gathering basics understanding of the above mentioned terms will prove useful to the customers wanting to upgrade their connection. As a result, they will be better informed to select their plan as per their requirement and be productive from home. While, ON Semiconductor added:
“Wi-Fi has become one of the essentials to get through these trying times”.
You can also learn about how ON Semiconductor makes a difference in their “2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report” by clicking on the link given below: